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Sales coaching – too bad it doesn’t happen more often

Trigger Events are important because if you initiate a targeted coaching effort to making them successful, the importance of the Trigger Event will provide the focus and commitment necessary to make sure the sales coaching happens. All Trigger Events represent some type of strategic shift so the sales team will indeed need to adjust and adapt their selling skills to the new reality. So sales coaching is clearly needed and warranted. Continue reading

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Sales coaching – jump start by leveraging trigger events

An effective way to improve sales coaching is to link it to an event or initiative that has significant organization investment and commitment rather than simply relaying on the inherent merits of sales coaching. Continue reading

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Get sales coaching happening – target trigger events

When it comes to sales coaching our observation is the problem is not so much about bad sales coaching but the fact that sales coaching does not systematically occur. When it does occur, it works.
So one answer to the dilemma is connecting the sales coaching effort to a high priority organizational Trigger Event that has everyone’s attention and focus. Our bet is under these conditions the right people will actually get serious about coaching, its merits will be demonstrated, and perhaps coaching will become institutionalized. And if the latter thing happens –that’s a good thing.
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