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Negotiation strategy – positioning the glass as half full

Role of anchoring in crafting and executing a successful sales negotiation. Continue reading

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Sales negotiations – 4 strategies for handling conflict

No matter how skillful you are at sales negotiating, conflicts will a rise. Therefore, if you are going to close the sale and build the relationship, you must successfully resolve conflicts. Even if the sale could be closed without resolving the conflicts, best practices suggest this approach often leads to major problems in the future. So, do not leave conflicts bubbling beneath the surface. This blog contains 4 strategies for handling sales negotiations. Continue reading

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Sales negotiations – trust is imperative!

The critical centerpiece of a great customer relationship is always that fragile element: trust. Trust is never something that comes easily, but it has many payoffs, including customer loyalty. However, it can sometimes be tough to maintain if a difficult negotiation is taking place. This blog post shares best practices for building trust. Continue reading

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Developing a road map for a major account negotiation

Because of the complexity of the negotiation itself and the significance of getting it right, the actual plan for a major account negotiation must be developed with care. In any major account, if the sales team does not develop a well-conceived and coordinated negotiation plan, they are playing Russian roulette with the long-term relationship with the customer and with the profitability of the sales opportunity.

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