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Sales tip – handling sales objections

No matter how good you are at selling you will get some objections. This sales tip shares a technique for handling sales objections. Continue reading

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Sales tip – opening

Opening does not take long, but how you start often determines how you finish. So although there are no magic words, you do need to think about it. This blog highlights three opening best practices. Continue reading

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Selling value – the power of a personal value proposition

winning is all about doing a better job helping the customer arrive at a more comprehensive view of their needs and a more compelling view of your solution. In short, it is about formulating and delivering superior value. Because of the increased importance of creating value by the way you sell, perhaps it’s time to add the notion of a Personal Value Proposition. Continue reading

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Hunter and farmers – it’s time to change sales strategy – A STC Classic

Everyone has to develop new business in their existing accounts and aggressively seek out new accounts. And the traditional hunter-farmer model no longer will help achieve that goal. This post shares a better way companies can address the business development issue. Continue reading

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