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Online sales training – it’s time for a second look

Recent years have seen tremendous disruption in how customers buy. And if buyers change how they buy – salespeople need to change how they sell. Customers need fresh ideas and creative insights for addressing a set of needs and opportunities that are … Continue reading

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Close the 4th quarter strong – 10 reasons why online sales training can help

As the 4th Quarter begins, salespeople are looking for ways to meet – and exceed – their sales quota. Sometimes the path to success is not only working harder, but working smarter. A quick way to get smarter is to leverage the power of online sales training. Here are 10 reasons why online sales training is an effective, efficient option you should consider. Continue reading

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Sales productivity – the era of the absence of change is over

In times of continuous change it is unlikely that a B2B sales force can continue to prosper by simply doing a better job doing what they are doing. Instead there must be an ongoing effort to examine and analyze and then adjust and adapt every aspect of your sales effort – from the go-to-market strategy to the organization structure to what your sales team is doing and how they are doing it. Continue reading

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