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4 best practices for mentoring new sales reps – An STC Classic

New sales rep mentoring is used by many companies to “jump start” new sales reps. Sometimes there are formal mentoring programs. In others the mentoring effort is less formal. Regardless, this post contains 4 best practices around sales mentoring to increase its success. Continue reading

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New sales reps and the credibility challenge

How can a new sales person gain credibility? When we pose this question to sales reps and sales managers, the responses we hear share a common underlying message – get on the customer’s side of the table. But all isn’t lost on the credibility front: there are two sources of credibility – personal credibility and company credibility. Continue reading

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Who are the new sales reps?

Companies traditionally look to hire sales reps from multiple sources. Some look to college new hires to fill a series of lower level inside sales and sales support positions prior to becoming “full fledged” account execs. Others seek out competitive hires providing them with totally different territories and/or tasks until non-compete agreements have matured. Increasingly, in major accounts selling, companies are looking to consultants who bring problem solving skills to the sales process – believing that it’s easier to provide that audience with sales training.
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