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Sales and marketing – at odds?

Steven Martin recently posted an interesting blog on HBR about the interface, or lack of, between Sales and Marketing – Why Sales and Marketing are at Odds – or Even War.

The article rightly makes the point that sales and marketing are like two trains in the night just passing by each other. Steve goes on to provide four worthwhile suggestions as to how that problem might be corrected.

As we recently noted in our blog: Great New Product Launches – An Opportunity in Waiting, this lack of an effective working relationship between Sales and Marketing is particularly telling when it comes to launching new products.
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Great new product launches – an opportunity in waiting

Most companies spend a “king’s ransom” in the design, development and marketing of new products. And, in some cases the new product has the potential to transform the fortunes of the company. All too often this potential is not realized. Lack of time and attention to doing a superior job in helping the sales team do what they can and need to do is one of reason for this gap in fortune. It is an avoidable problem – there is a body of knowledge about launching great new products to your sales team.
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