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Medical device sales – the book of knowledge is expanding

For medical device reps updating their command of the Book of Knowledge is critical. Not to sound melodramatic but in some cases, like cardiology devices, life and death decisions can depend on it. Being up-to-speed is the key to providing value – to your customer’s and to their customer’s – whether patients, physicians, or administrators. The good news is although the Book of Knowledge is bigger – the resources for learning it are better than ever. Continue reading

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Tips for designing sales training for global implementations

Suppose you are a large U.S.-based global company with three operating divisions totaling 2,300 world-wide sales people. When it comes to sales training, historically each country has done its own thing – for that matter each division has for the most part unilaterally developed its own sales training. Some countries have done a fair amount; while others have done very little. The same can be said about the divisions.

Your executive team has decided it is worthwhile considering designing sales skills training programs that can be implemented across divisions and across countries. Lee, the project leader is interested in delineating what the payoffs might be and some best practices for implementing the effort. This article contains best practices for designing and implementing successful global sales training implementations.

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