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More people in the game equals more sales

Technical and service people can play a key role in identifying sales opportunities in major accounts Continue reading

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The #1 sales challenge: developing new business – 6 best practices

Developing new business is one of the areas where top performers clearly differentiate themselves – they know it is hard to do and they learn how to do it. It is also an area where creating best practice profiles based on what your top performers do makes extraordinary sense. Likewise it should be a priority for those determining training and coaching priorities. Continue reading

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4 sources for identifying leads in complex B2B sales

In many industries, like management consulting, professional services, financial services, and information technology, companies are involved in complex projects that engage large on-site staff over an extended period of time. These companies have extended capabilities to engage in a wide variety of work.

For information technology companies, management consulting firms, and financial services firms, like all other professonal services firms, mining every possible asset for identifying and qualifying leads has significant revenue and profit payoff. Continue reading

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Developing new business – 6 best practices

The skill set that reps felt was most challenging was: Developing New Business. As an aside, it was interesting that Establishing Relationships and Uncovering Needs was the area where the reps reported they were having the most success. Continue reading

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Winning complex sales – defining fundamentals

A complex sale is not just a big little sale. It is qualitatively different. The buying process is more complex, the sales cycle is longer, and the consequences of winning and losing are more significant.

Correspondingly, the performance requirement is broader and deeper. Today, successfully navigating the buying process in a complex sale requires account executives to know more and know it at a higher level of proficiency than ever before.

What does it take to get it right? When answering that question it is always a good idea to start with the fundamentals – those things that absolutely positively must mastered.
Continue reading

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