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Business conversations trump product presentations – An STC Classic

Sales conversations are much more engaging than presentations. Information is revealed, but it’s couched in a conversational narrative that conveys a desire for mutual understanding and comprehension. We are invited to hear what is being shared and take it in on a personal level. It feels authentic and real to us. Continue reading

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New business from existing business is smart business

6 best practices to grow existing business Continue reading

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The #1 sales challenge: developing new business – 6 best practices

Developing new business is one of the areas where top performers clearly differentiate themselves – they know it is hard to do and they learn how to do it. It is also an area where creating best practice profiles based on what your top performers do makes extraordinary sense. Likewise it should be a priority for those determining training and coaching priorities. Continue reading

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Winning more business – the power of thinking ahead and reasoning back

When selling in major accounts salespeople must think and act strategically. Working hard but only planning one call at a time with no strategy to provide guidance is a great way to consistently come in second. Continue reading

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It’s bad selling to pursue bad business – An STC Classic

Too many salespeople spend too little time selling and too much time doing stuff that either needs not be done or should be done by others. So let’s not make the problem worse by spending the sales time available pursuing bad business. One-way to avoid this problem is to “up” the importance of getting better at lead qualification. Continue reading

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Salespeople must add business collaboration to their skill set

As B2B sales become increasingly complex with more people involved in the sales cycle, salespeople find themselves in team selling situations more often – requiring adding collaboration to their skill sets. Continue reading

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Business development challenge in professional services – role of team selling

Team selling, alone does not guarantee sales success. As a matter of fact, teams are frequently misused and ineffective. On the other hand, some organizations have cracked the code and consistently leverage the power of team selling. Continue reading

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Hospital sales – business-as-usual will be business lost to competitors

Hospitals are going through a transformational period – changing what they buy and how they buy. Sales will not prosper unless we adjust and adapt to these changes. In the future business-as-usual will be business lost to competitors. There are a number of pieces to the puzzle but let me start with some ideas in sales training that I think are worth considering: ore effectively launching new products, provide the existing sales force with sales training, collaborating with marketing and technical support, leverage sales managers in sales training – playing the buyer role and providing feedback. Continue reading

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