Making it all connect: the power of sales enablement

From time to time we post a guest blog written for the Sales Training Connection.  Today we thought we would share with you some thoughts from Rachel Davidson of Highspot.


Sales enablement technology helps accelerate the time towards close and gives you the power to leverage faster, better, and stronger sales best practices.

At its heart, modern sales enablement exists to organize, strengthen, and drive results in these three concrete ways:

  1. Content management
  2. Customer engagement
  3. Content performance analytics

Driving Improved Sales Performance by Better Connecting Sales Training

We know that sales training is a key building block to setting your team up for success. But how do you improve the relevancy – and by extension, the effectiveness – of your sales training?

A recent survey of nearly 400 B2B respondents titled “The Sales Enablement Practitioner Survey” found that companies who use sales enablement position themselves to dramatically improve their conversion rates.  For example:

  • Companies focused on sales enablement found…
    • On average 10% improvement in pipeline conversion rates.
    • 50% of companies saw improved conversion rates greater than 10%.
    • 23% of companies saw improved conversion rates greater than 20%.
    • 11% of companies saw improved conversion rates greater than 30%.

One of the foremost objectives of modern sales enablement platforms is to help reps achieve even higher conversion rates by enabling access to training and onboarding material on the same platform as the rest of their content.

Accessing Training & Content Together Saves Time

Sales enablement does more than just drive sales effectiveness; it increases sales efficiency by saving your reps time to do what they do best: sell.

When reps can access sales training and sales content via the same platform, they’re in better position to save time and engage customers more effectively.

Unfortunately, too much of a salesperson’s time is spent on non-sales activities, like searching for and organizing content. By implementing a sales enablement platform that syncs with your other existing platforms and sales training materials, you can have all of your work in one place and eliminate time-wasting digging, sorting, and guessing which content works.

Ultimately, you should be aiming to engage with your customers more effectively, and that means presenting them with the type of content they want, when they want it.

Making Sales Effectiveness Happen

One of the most valuable benefits of a modern sales enablement platform is it delivers the ability to organize and prioritize your sales training and content. However, it’s important to remember that it’s the best content at the right time that lends itself to increased sales effectiveness

Let’s look at four ways that show how some of the best sales enablement platforms do this via effective Sales Content Management

  1. Browsing and Filtering: Flexible and effective approaches to using lists and filters to organize product lines, customer segments, regions, or whatever makes sense for you.
  2. Salesforce Integration: Seamless integration with your preferred CRM system for instant accessibility.
  3. Intelligent Recommendations: Advanced machine learning analyzes which sales content, at what time, and in what way is most positively impacting your business.
  4. Cloud File Sharing Integration: Integrating with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Alfreso, and other cloud file systems keeps you one step closer to your content.

Plus, you’ll have the ability to pitch content via a wide range of media, track analytics to measure customer engagement, integrate with your existing sales platforms, and optimize your sales cycle with intelligent machine learning.

Focusing your Process on Results

The key to achieving faster conversions and higher sales ultimately comes down to the process it takes to get there.  At its core, a modern sales enablement platform can deliver: stronger sales in less time.

By strengthening your sales pipeline with organized content, customer engagement, and potent analytics and connecting sales training, you’re setting your reps up for success.

About Rachel Davidson

Rachel Davidson is a content specialist for Highspot, a leading sales enablement platform for content management, customer engagement, and analytics.

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