3 Responses to Sell the problem first!

  1. sell the problem before you sell the solution.

  2. Richard,

    So true, and eloquently put. Early in my career, I wasted a lot of time selling solutions before confirming any sense of perceived value in the customer’s eyes. It’s like trying to speak to someone before knowing that you speak the same language.

    To me, this is why sales process is so important. A solid process includes discovery and ROI building phases prior to any talk of solutions. Something else I’ve found very helpful is getting incremental buy-in along the way. This way, you always have anchors to come back to in the conversation like: “So earlier you said that you have the capacity to handle roughly 2 more patients per day without adding any additional staff or resources. Correct?” The benefit is two-fold: restating the problem or opportunity, and reducing the size or complexity of the decision when it comes time to close.

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