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Sales process – it must mirror the customer’s buying process

Introduce a well thought out sales process because it can contribute to replicating success and scaling the business. But, beware of overdone rigor and excessive compliance. The latter will tend to eliminate innovation and discourage the positive deviants among you from exploring the ideas that will define what success looks like tomorrow. Continue reading

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Best practices for improving sales process

Improve your sales process. It is whatever your salespeople are doing on a given day to improve their navigation of the customer’s buying process. So it makes good sense to gain control. If not you will end up with everyone doing their own thing and having a fair number of sales reps being less effective than they could be if you pursued a systematic approach to improving the sales process. Continue reading

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Getting sales process right

2 pitfalls to avoid when instituting a sales process Continue reading

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New sales strategy process being implemented – caution ahead!

Successfully launching a new sales strategy a process requires three things: First, success requires planning, communication, and leadership from the executive team. Second, the leadership team needs to craft a strategic planning process that fits the culture, experience level, and history of the sales team, as well as, the type of sale. Then an appropriate sales training program needs to be selected and implemented to help the sales team adopt the process and learn the skills needed to implement it. Continue reading

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Medical device sales – the sales process is changing

The medical device industry faces several issues – pricing concerns, health care reform, reimbursement pressures, and increasingly regularly involvement. Given this picture, what are the implications for medical device sales people? Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the sales process

Goldilocks and the Three Bears was penned by British author and poet Robert Southey. When first published in 1837 the lesson of the cautionary tale was one of respecting the property of others and the consequences of “just trying things out” that don’t belong to you.

Today the tale’s moral has been reframed to illustrate the lesson – you have to keep trying until you find what is “just right.” This modern interpretation provides a lesson about the use and misuse of sales process.

Whether talking about porridge temperature, chair size, bed softness, or the amount of structure for a sales process, “just right” seems to be somewhere in the middle.

Continue reading

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Implementing a new sales process – moving from compliance to adoption

Companies often launch a new sales process only to fall flat. Why? In addition to age-old barriers like resistance to change, structural barriers (like lack of support), and how the sales process is “sold” to the sales force can minimize adoption. This blog post introduces 5 tips for selectnng the “right sales process” initially – increasing a company’s chance for adoption. Continue reading

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Getting sales rep onboarding right – it matters more than ever

A world-class sales team is more important than ever … but building one is more difficult than ever because of the increased complexity of the
 sales environment. An effective onboarding process is part of the answer but historically and presently the onboarding process has not been a priority at the leadership level and, adding to the mix, the folks being hired and promoted are bringing a new and very different set of expectations and preferences. Continue reading

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Sales memo – winning starts with thinking strategically

In B2B sales one-size-does-not-fit-all is a cornerstone proposition. There are no generic customers; hence there are no winning generic strategies – each customer is unique and every winning account strategy must take that uniqueness into consideration.
When thinking about what it takes to formulate a winning sales strategy, a good starting point is remembering you are dealing with a complex buying environment. Many decision-makers and influencers are involved, the needs and issues are multi-layered and often conflicting, and the solution configuration and implementation management is likely to be complex and sophisticated.

What must salespeope do? Know their customer and think innovatively. Continue reading

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Selling at C-level and the too late-too little puzzle

When selling to the c-suite, leave needs discovery home. Time spent vs. the value received does not work out very well for the senior executive. Too much of the time in the meeting is spent on educating the salesperson about a problem the senior executive already understands. Instead – have a business conversation! Continue reading

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